The Project

“Learning through experience is one of the fundamental rules of sustained learning.”

The ICSAS project (“Integrating companies in a Sustainable Apprenticeship System“) aims to give countries with no or short experience in work-based learning the opportunity to get a first-hand practical impression how this training system works. The sector chosen for this project is the footwear industry.

Emphasis is placed on two aspects: Firstly, the apprentices and the participating companies will enroll in a piloting phase of one year, a long enough duration to make a profound and significant experience. A second focus is set on the role of tutors: How can this central figure in work-based learning be prepared and assisted?

ICSAS is rooted in precursor projects which particularly prepared the theoretical background. ICSAS now tackles the question of how to implement work-based learning respectively a dual training system in practice by proposing a one year pilot phase. During the pilot, footwear producing companies and the selected trainees in Portugal and Romania are given the opportunity to gather practical experience on how to organize work-based learning in the workplace and on top of that – at least for a major part – in the running production process.

Project with the same theme orientation: DualTrain

Courtesy of ISC and INESCOP; copyright ISC and INESCOP